Vao modern kitchen style and design creative ideas recently presented this year, created by Sbastian Eurocucina Desch for Team7. This continues. Team7 pure lines of contemporary kitchen consists of natural wood materials as well as the same features with simple shapes and stylish kitchen decor. Design kitchen worktop creative VAO will come in natural stone, quartz or high-pressure compact laminate. New grip-less design belonging to the kitchen Vao an additional cool and artistic works together with Team7. The leading belonging to the kitchen island having a base of participants than return using a fine mount to produce a sense of sunshine and sweetness of wood. This elegant kitchen interior framing luxury unit also continued with the cooking as well as on surface of cabinets and medium enterprises. Property is obtainable in 7 kinds of wood, each carrying another room air due to their special character. Room 21 mm thick front drawer interiors, emphasizing the smoothness of natural wood and, in conjunction with end-grain wood look quietly, raise the sense of sensual material whenever the drawer is opened.

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